Has mounting debt become overwhelming? Do you worry that there is no solution? Keeping your family afloat after a job loss or unexpected medical debts is extremely stressful.

Did a painful and serious personal injury in an auto accident contribute to your financial situation? You need a versatile attorney who can not only provide candid and realistic bankruptcy counsel, but also fight for a maximum personal injury award that covers your expenses as well as pain and suffering.

I am Charlene Gibson, a bankruptcy attorney in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. I represent clients facing a range of legal matters related to bankruptcy, personal injury and Social Security Disability benefits. I leave nothing to chance and provide thorough, detail-oriented representation to those in Chelmsford and Lowell and across the northwest Boston suburbs.

Don't Wait To Obtain Bankruptcy Relief

Even though bankruptcy can provide a fresh start, clients often wait too long before coming in to discuss their financial situation with me. This can lead to mistakes such as liquidating retirement savings. When circumstances become dire and you have to make tough choices about which bills to pay each month, it is time to speak with a lawyer about your options.

If you are facing wage garnishment or are in danger of losing your house, you need to take immediate action. Contact me to find a solution.

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Bankruptcy stops constant creditor harassment and provides a tool to help you rebound financially. You are able to keep some assets and can often rebuild your credit quicker than you may realize.

Helping Massachusetts Personal Injury Victims

Injuries suffered in an auto accident can prove life-altering. If you have reason to believe that the negligence of another driver was the cause, it is important to seek immediate legal counsel.

I can lift some of your burden by fighting to pursue fair compensation that will pay for your medical care and lost wages as well as the pain you have suffered as a result of the accident. I will make sure that you can continue to provide for your family.

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When you face a legal issue, you may not know where to start. Often, these issues can snowball and overlap. That is why I offer a free initial, no-obligation consultation to better understand your situation. Call 978-674-5435 or send me an email to get answers to your bankruptcy, personal injury or Social Security Disability questions.

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